“To a photographer the world consists of an infinite number of vantage points — places to stand — of which very few are altogether satisfactory.” 
— John Szarkowski, ATGET

I am an avid amateur photographer who uses both vintage and modern tools to explore the world. I am especially interested in built environments and in documenting communities of interest that form around a shared concern.
I grew up bugging my mother to let me hold the Brownie Hawkeye that I still use extensively today. But it was as an adult that I became seriously interested in photography. I inherited a box of negatives from the 1940s and set up a darkroom so I could try to print them. 
Over long nights as my family slept upstairs, I learned the craft and was introduced to that quality of timelessness unique to photographs. How it works is a puzzle that intrigues me.
My professional life has been devoted to publishing (books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, websites) and I live and work in North Carolina. Please contact me to purchase prints of my work, or to start a conversation about photography. Thanks for visiting. 
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